Shelby Mustang crashes into living room of house

The Connecticut Post reported in it’s Blog on CT News that the driver of a white Shelby Mustang crashed into the living room of a house at 3558 Old Town Road in Bridgeport on Thursday, September 18th.

Of note:

No one in the  house was hurt.

The driver was not seriously injured.

There was significant structural damage to the house, and city building inspectors used a 4×4 beam to stabilize it so it coudl continue to be occupied.

If this were to happen to you would you know what to do? How would you get the house fixed? Who would pay for it? What if the house could not be occupied because it was unsafe after the crash?   Bridgeport personal injury attorney Jim Miron can help answer these, and other related questions. Call him at 203339.5991 or contact him through the website

To read the original blog post:

Car into House - CTPOST - 09.19.2014

Mustang crashes into living room of house
Article Name
Mustang crashes into living room of house
What would you do if a car crashed into your house?

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  1. Now I remember almost the same incident with a BMW… now just Mustangs crash into houses, people!


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