Medical Records To Support Your Claim

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Posted: October 7, 2014

When someone is injured due to the fault of another they will need medical records to support their claims.

Medical Records

In fact, medical records are a special category of evidence that the courts have special rules for.

Evidence of injuries can be presented to the jury for consideration, basically speaking, in one of two ways. The first way is through the doctor or doctors testifying as to the nature of the injury or condition, treatment, and prognosis.

Another way for this type of evidence to be submitted to the jury is written reports by doctors who treated the plaintiff.  In fact, there is a statute (law) that provides that such written reports may be used in court.  That statute was enacted so that persons claiming injury would not have to take doctors away from their medical duties in order to testify in court.

Jurors are instructed by the court that since the use of reports rather than testimony in court is permitted by this statute, they are not permitted to draw any unfavorable inference from the plaintiff’s use of reports rather than live testimony of a doctor.

If you or a loved one is injured due to the fault of another an experienced attorney will advise you on a variety of issues you may not fully understand and can also help ensure that all important evidence, including medical testimony and records is properly documented, preserved and presented to support your claims.For more information do not delay! Contact Attorney Jim Miron at 203.339.5991 or through the contact link on this page. Jim is experienced in representing persona injured due to the fault of another and concentrates his law practice on this type off law. As always, the initial consultation with Jim Miron is free and no obligation to you.

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