Why You Should Speak With A Bridgeport Brain Injury Attorney

Brain Injury Attorney Bridgeport 1Attorney Jim Miron has decades of experience helping clients that have suffered brain injuries. Brain injuries can occur after being injured in a car crash or in other trauma inducing incidents, like a fall.

Brain injuries happen quite regularly.  Unfortunately, in many cases, people do not know that they have suffered a brain injury. This is why it is important to be thoroughly examined by a qualified brain injury doctor as soon as possible after a car crash or other incident that causes bodily trauma. You should also speak with a Bridgeport personal injury attorney that understands brain injuries.

Why You Need a Brain Injury Attorney in Bridgeport

You should work with an attorney that understands how to handle personal injury claims and cases that involve brain injuries.

Brain injuries require specialized medical care to help lessen long-term damages. Getting the proper evaluation is critical. The evaluation helps to identify any problems so the doctor can prescribe the appropriate  treatment. In addition to getting help this evaluation helps document these issues.

A person with a brain injury often experiences symptoms of the injury that can negatively impact daily life. These symptoms create challenges or difficulties in being able to maintain employment, take care of your family and enjoy daily activities.

A Brain Injury Attorney in Bridgeport Can Protect Your Rights

After a car crash, or other incident that causes bodily trauma, you may be unsure of what to do. That is where an experienced personal injury attorney that understand brain injuries can help you protect your rights.

Your attorney will make sure you are able to see the proper medical professionals. Your attorney will also file a claim on your behalf with the appropriate insurance company(s). If needed, your attorney will file a lawsuit to recover monetary compensation for your harms and losses. For this reason, you should only hire an experienced trial attorney.

In every personal injury case, you should be able to receive the medical care you need and receive compensation for other harms and losses associated with the case. However, in many cases the insurance company(s) will challenge the legitimacy of your claim. The insurance company(s) will refuse to pay for reasonable and necessary treatment. The insurance company(s) will refuse to pay a fair amount for your other harms and losses caused by a brain injury.

Talk to experienced Bridgeport brain injury attorney Jim Miron. His convenient downtown Bridgeport law firm is easy to get to for people in the greater Bridgeport region and all over New Haven County and Fairfield County.

Not Sure What is the Best Medical Treatment – Call a Brain Injury Attorney

Brain Injury Attorney Bridgeport 2It is important to recognize the signs of a potential brain injury and to receive expert medical care immediately.

According to the Mayo Clinic, you may have blurred vision, dizziness, headache, vomiting, fatigue, or loss of balance and become confused, irritable, depressed or anxious. If you experience these or any other unusual symptoms, you should seek medical care right away.

Schedule a Consultation With a Brain Injury Attorney in Bridgeport

If you are in a a car crash or other incident where the body is traumatized get immediate help. Learn how to protect your rights under the law. Do not delay.

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