Evaluating Personal Injury Claims | Leveling Playing Field | Bridgeport Injury Lawyer Jim Miron

Evaluating Personal Injury Claims | Leveling Playing Field

Bridgeport Car Accident Lawyer Jim Miron 1One of the questions frequently asked is how much a claim is worth. This article briefly discusses evaluating personal injury claims | leveling playing field.

Every personal injury cases is unique. These unique factors impact the ultimate “value” of each claim.

How badly are you are injured? What are your medical bills? Lost wages? Permanent injury? You need to talk with an experienced Bridgeport car crash and motorcycle crash lawyer. Jim Miron has over two decades of experience handling these kinds of cases and knows what needs to be done. He will fully and properly evaluate the value of your personal injury claim after reviewing the details of your case.

Bridgeport Car Crash and Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Jim Miron Will Walk You Through the Process

It is normal to be unsure about what steps to take after a car crash or collision. The claims process is overwhelming to most people.

That is why hiring Bridgeport car crash lawyer Jim Miron makes good sense. In addition to answering your questions, Jim Miron will outline the entire claims process. He will make sure that you know what to expect. .

Jim Miron and his staff will file your claim with the insurance company. They will will work to get your car repaired, secure a rental car, make sure that you are treating with the appropriate health care providers to ensure that you get better and ensure that your lost wages and medical bills are accounted for. Trying to handle these issues may lead to mistakes that minimize full and fair recovery of all of your harms and losses. Jim Miron recommends that you do not delay and schedule a free consultation with him to receive the professional advice you need to protect yourself and your family.

You Will Need Help With the Insurance Company

Bridgeport Car Accident Lawyer Jim Miron 2Some people try to handle their injury claim on their own and work directly with the insurance company. Although this is your right to do it is often not advisable. First, there is the insurance company paperwork and regular phone calls as part of the processing of your claim. This in and of itself can stressful and overwhelming. Is the insurance company really on your side?  Are you going to get a fair shake? Will the money they offer you be enough to fully and fairly compensate you for all of your harms and losses? If you hire an attorney, the attorney works for you and will represent you and your interests only.

Bridgeport Car Crash and Motorcycle Crash lawyer Jim Miron Will Even the Playing Field

Bridgeport car crash and motorcycle crash attorney Attorney Jim Miron will give you an experienced advocate on your side that will know how to deal with the insurance companies. It is important to remember that in injury cases you are not dealing with the insurance agent who sold you your policy. This is not the person that will be handling your claim, rather the insurance company will use their army of experienced claims adjusters and attorneys.

Jim Miron’s advice: Do not go it alone! Level the playing field and hire an experienced attorney to represent you.