Car Crash Lawyer Bridgeport

Talk to an experienced car crash lawyer

In a car crash? You will want to talk to an experienced car crash lawyer. An experienced car crash lawyer will make sure you know all of your rights. An experienced car crash lawyer will fight to get you full and fair compensation.

People think they can handle the claim by themselves. They rely on the insurance companies to help with the process. They are often wrong and that decision may cost them dearly.

Insurance companies are often not on your side. Protecting their bottom line means that you are not their priority. An experinced car crash attorney, like Jim Miron makes YOU the top priority.

Damage to Property: Your Car Crash Attorney Can Help

In a car crash, there will be some damage to property. Either your car, the other person’s car, or both will have a damage. The insurance companies will try and assign as much blame as possible to you so they do not have to make full payment for that damage. In a situation like this, you need a car crash lawyer in Bridgeport to negotiate on your behalf. Ensuring that you get back on the road with a functioning vehicle is one of the top priorities of a car crash lawyer.

Injuries and Medical Bills: Your Car Crash Attorney Will Seek Compensation

If you have been injured in a car crash, regardless of whether a minor collision or a big wreck, you should be examined by a medical professional. It is important to remember that symptoms of conditions may take several hours or even days to appear. You never want to state to the police officers or responding medical personnel that you are fine, until you have been fully evaluated by a doctor. Medical bills are expensive, so as your car crash attorney in Bridgeport, we will seek restitution for the money you have to spend on medical expenses caused by the crash. Very few people can afford these elevated medical bills, so having a car crash lawyer in Bridgeport fighting to get your funds restored is important.

Loss of Work or Financial Stability: Your Car Crash Attorney Will Seek Restitution

Tak to an experienced car crash lawyer

In more serious crashes, you may be facing significant medical challenges and a long road to recovery. Your car crash lawyer will tell you that lost income, perhaps even lost job, often causes an upheaval in a person’s financial stability. Mounting medical bills and a loss of income are a reality that can lead to bad credit or even bankruptcy. As your car crash attorney, we will make sure that any losses you have had to incur because of the crash are part of any settlement or judgment that we may gather.

Car Crash Lawyer Bridgeport: Things to Remember After a Crash

  • Do not have conversation about property damage or your health with the other driver.
  • Call the police and wait for them to arrive before making any statements, and then make sure your side of the story is in the police report.
  • Take pictures and preserve evidence from the crash if you are physically able and it is safe to do..
  • Contact your car crash lawyer in Bridgeport as soon as possible for further instructions.

If you or a loved one needs an experienced personal injury car crash attorney to fight for your rights, call attorney Jim Miron for a free, no obligation consultation at (203) 339-5991 or use the convenient contact form on this website.