Most Common Types of Car Crashes, Collisions and Wrecks

Common Types of Car Accidents 1Most Common Types of Car Crashes, Collisions and Wrecks.

In a study conducted by a car insurance company, 22.7 percent of car accidents are from a driver hitting another car, while an additional 22.2 percent are caused by another driver striking you. This 44.9 percent is the sum total of car accidents with a two car collision. Other types of accidents include single car accidents at 7.9 percent, acts of nature at 5.8 percent, car struck when parked at 5 percent, and non-accident damage at 2.9 percent.

What Are the Most Common Types of Car Accidents?

Rear end collisions and side collisions are common types of car crashes, collisions and wrecks. Unfortunately, each of these collisions are typically caused by a driver who is not paying attention at a given time, resulting in a crash, collision or wreck.

Common Types of Car Accidents 2Rear End Collisions

A rear end collision is also known as being rear-ended. This type of collision happens when the car in the front stops – sometimes suddenly and sometimes predictably – and the car following does not stop. Typically, the fault lies with the driver in the following car, but as experienced car crash attorneys assigning fault, even in a seemingly obvious crash, needs to be looked by an experience car crash attorney to ensure that right liability will be assigned.

Side Collisions

The front of a car hitting the side of another car, sometimes called a “T-Bone”. These side impact crashes occur at stop signs, red lights and when drivers are coming out of a parking lot. These crashes are almost always avoidable. se crashes are almost always caused when one driver fails to pay attention so they can see what needs to be seen. Sometimes they are caused when the offending driver simply chooses to disregard common sense safe operation rules.

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