Motorcycle Accident Attorney Fairfield

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Fairfield 1In Connecticut, riding is as fun as it is risky.

If you or someone you love is involved in a motorcycle accident, contact Jim Miron, an expert motorcycle accident attorney in Fairfield, Connecticut. He can help you through the challenges that follow a crash.

But before that happens, being aware of some of the hazards of riding in Connecticut can help you ride safely.

Riding in Connecticut

Connecticut has everything motorcycle riders love – the coastal beauty of U.S. Route 1, magnificent  woods and hiking trails, and spectacularly sunny New England skies.

There are, however, areas of concern when riding in Connecticut:

Terrible Sight Lines

Hills and valleys are fun, but when the road curves out of sight, you and your passenger might be in danger. Also, older towns provide sightline challenges, with buildings placed directly by the roads, signs posted in strange locations, and beautiful old trees or other natural obstacles impeding your view of the road.

Frost Heaves and Splits

Anyone who drives in New England knows what ice can do to a road. Frost heaves and splits in the roadway can pose a serious danger to motorcycle riders. Potholes from ice damage are especially dangerous. Hitting a pothole can pitch a rider right off a motorcycle, leading to serious injury or death, while creating hazards for other vehicles, as well.

Mother Nature’s Trash

The lush natural beauty of Connecticut is beloved by bikers but poses its own problems. Natural debris such as branches, leaves, sand, mud, rocks, or gravel can make the road slippery, sending a bike right off the road.

Construction or Other Debris

Motorcyclists everywhere have a love/hate relationship with road construction. They love improvements to the roads but hate the process of the work being done. Barriers, lane redirection, construction vehicles, loose construction materials, and driver anxiety make construction zones risky places to be on a bike. Other road debris is also treacherous, especially heavy items such as truck tire fragments.

Curvy, Narrow, and Undivided Roads

One of the biggest draws to driving rural Connecticut is its winding roads, but they also pose one of the biggest dangers. One study found that half of single-vehicle motorcycle fatalities happen when negotiating a curve. Narrow, undivided roadways are also especially dangerous to bikers, since the rider’s slim profile can make it difficult for oncoming traffic to see them.

Other Drivers

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Fairfield 2The greatest danger for motorcycles, aside from the rider not paying attention, is other drivers.  As recently as October, two riders in Stratford were ejected from their Harley when it was struck by a Jeep on I-95. As often happens, the car driver was unhurt, but both motorcycle riders were killed. More than half of all fatal accidents involve other vehicles, and 41 percent of those happen in intersections when another vehicle turns left in front of a motorcycle that doesn’t have time to stop.

Know Your Resources

Despite the dangers, you can safely enjoy riding in beautiful, historic Connecticut. But if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Fairfield, whether you were riding or you collided with a motorcycle, be sure to contact experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Fairfield, Jim Miron by calling (203) 339-5991. His depth of knowledge and compassionate representation will protect you and make a difficult situation easier to bear.