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Getting Back Behind the Wheel After a Serious Car Wreck

Posted by Jim Miron | Dec 05, 2022 | 0 Comments

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I've helped countless car wreck victims recoup the financial recovery they deserve throughout my legal career, but I learned early on that recovery means more than just compensation. In addition to financial health, those who've been injured in a serious car wreck in Connecticut also need to prioritize their physical and emotional health. Post-wreck recovery is a different process for everyone, but most share a similar trepidation about getting back behind the wheel after being hurt in a car accident.

Regardless of how severe your injury was, you may experience some degree of post-traumatic stress syndrome. While you should take your recovery at a speed that works for you, it is ultimately important that you return to your everyday life. The bottom line is, you'll need to be able to get behind the wheel of your car and perform your day-to-day activities.

Over the years, I've seen clients make full recoveries, re-embracing their lives as confident drivers. Importantly, they rarely do it alone. Car accident victims should talk to their loved ones and explain their concerns and fears. Talking about it helps, and it's often tremendously helpful to help to speak with a licensed therapist who can recommend various anxiety management strategies. When you're injured in a car wreck, you might be entitled to damages related to emotional harm. Recovering from the emotional setbacks caused by trauma can be tedious and expensive, so it's important car wreck victims exhaust all remedies through their attorney.

If you or someone you love is struggling to regain a sense of comfort behind the wheel after a bad car accident, know that you aren't alone. Take your recovery one day at a time. In the beginning, take it easy and start out with slow, simple drives. Once you build up to it, you could even consider taking a defensive driving course that bolsters your confidence.   

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