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How to Prove Defective Tires Caused a Crash

Posted by Jim Miron | Nov 30, 2022 | 0 Comments

A defective tire is damaged or faulty in some way – common defects include low tread depth, punctures, weakened rubber, and incorrect tire pressure. If you're injured in a vehicle crash caused by a faulty tire, here's what you need to know about proving your case.

How Defective Tires Cause Crashes

Tires connect your car to the roadway. So, when a tire is damaged, this connection is compromised, meaning it's no longer safe to drive the vehicle. Every crash scene is different, but tire defects can cause:

  • Tread separation: If the tread splits from the tire body, the tire fails, and the driver can lose control of the vehicle. At high speeds, this may cause a fatal collision.
  • Tire blowout: A blowout means there's a sudden loss of pressure. The tire may burst, which can cause a serious crash, particularly on busy roads or highways.  

Proving a Defective Tire Caused Your Crash

To pursue damages after a vehicle crash, you must prove that the tire was defective at the time of the crash, and you must show that someone is to “blame” for the collision during which you sustained harm.

To prove the defect, you often need to retain the tire from the accident scene (or take pictures). Proving fault means showing that at least one of the following parties is responsible for your injuries.

  • Another driver: If the other driver didn't maintain their tires properly, or knowingly drove on a defective tire, you may be able to sue them for negligence.
  • Manufacturer: The manufacturer (or distributor) may be liable if they sold you a defective tire.
  • Repair shop: A garage may be liable if they repaired or fitted your tire carelessly or allowed an unqualified person to complete the job.

As an experienced crash attorney, I can review the evidence and determine whether you have a legal claim.     

Hire a Crash Attorney in Connecticut

If you're injured due to faulty tires, you should have the chance to secure the compensation you deserve. As a CT vehicle crash attorney, I'm here to help. I'll explain if you have a case and fight for a fair settlement on your behalf – call 203.339.5991 or message me online for a free claim evaluation. 

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