Car Crashes

slide1Just the words car crash and car wreck are terrifying. In fact, a car crash is usually not an accident and is preventable. Car crashes are usually caused by drivers breaking one or more of the safety rules of the road. Car crashes can be a very traumatic and difficult experience. It only takes seconds for a collision to happen but the consequences of that collision can be significant, resulting in injuries, financial hardship, and other damages.

Many people involved in a car crash do not know the correct answers to some or all of the the following questions:

Whose insurance pays for what?

What if the person responsible for the crash has no insurance?

Who will pay for my medical bills?

Who will pay for to fix my car?

Who will pay for my rental car?

Who will pay for my time missed from work?

What if I have a permanent injury?

What is “pain and suffering” and how does that impact my case?

For over 22 years, Bridgeport Personal Injury attorney Jim Miron has made it his mission to help people zealously representing them to ensure that their rights are protected and that the receive the compensation they deserve.

Regardless of whether the crash was a fender-bender, a catastrophic collision or something in between, auto crash personal injury attorney Jim Miron is here to help you.

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