Motorcycle Crashes Are Not the Same as Car Crashes

slide3Motorcycle crashes often result in the most serious and significant injuries, since the rider is relatively unprotected. In fact, the number of motorcyclist crash-related fatalities has more than doubled during the 10 years between 2000 – 2010 according to the U.S. Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In addition, over-crowded and poorly maintained roads and highways are filled with careless and distracted drivers that are not always aware of the motorcycles that surround them.

Bridgeport personal injury attorney Jim Miron has handled many serious motorcycle accident cases.

But just as important is the fact that Jim Miron understands the motorcycle rider because he IS a motorcycle rider. For many years, Jim owned a motorcycle and was an active rider. Although he no longer rides as often, Jim rides whenever his professional obligations permit. Jim Miron is a motorcycle rider’s advocate, having experience in riding and in the law.

Many people involved in a motorcycle crash do not know the correct answers to some or all of the the following questions:

How do I get my motorcycle fixed?

Whose insurance pays for what?

What if the person responsible for the crash has no insurance?

Who will pay for my medical bills?

Am I entitled to a rental vehicle?

Who will pay for my rental vehicle?

Who will pay for my time missed from work?

What if I have a permanent injury?

What is “pain and suffering” and how does that impact my case?

If you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle crash you should talk with an experienced motorcycle crash attorney that not only knows the law but understands the challenges riders have on the road and that will work tirelessly to make sure the rider receives justice.

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