Injured Riding a Bus? Injured By a Bus?

Bus Accident Attorney Bridgeport 1Injured Riding Bus? Injured by a bus? It happens regularly and it is almost always avoidable. Bus drivers, bus companies and other motorists must follow the safety rules of operating a bus and operating a motor vehicle on the road. When the safety rules are not followed then people can be badly injured. This article can help you learn what you can do about bus crashes and other injuries while on a bus

Passengers injured in a bus crash or otherwise injured while riding a bus should speak to an experienced bus crash attorney to understand their rights and to that the responsible parties (whether it be the bus driver, bus company or , other motorists or a combination of those) are held accountable.


Causes of Bus Crashes and Other Injuries While Riding a Bus

We represent people injured in bus crashes or due to violations  of other safety rules while riding a bus. accident lawyer in Bridgeport, it is important for us to determine what caused the accident.

Common reasons for a bus crashes and other incidents (i.e. stopping short) include:

Bus Crashes and Other Injuries While Riding A Bus Caused by Driver Fatigue

Safety rules require that bus drivers get rest and not work too much. When those rules are violated they put a tired driver operating a very large vehicle that is not easily maneuverable or easy to stop on the road and everyone in harms way.

Bus Crashes and Other Injuries While Riding A Bus Caused by Aggressive Driving

A bus crash can be caused by bus driver who is driving aggressively, changing lanes frequently, failing to use a turn signal, or driving dangerously close to other vehicles and pedestrians.

Bus Crashes and Other Injuries While Riding A Bus Caused by Aggressive Driving Error

A bus crash can be caused by bus driver who is driving distracted. We know of reports of bus drivers that drive distracted, talking or testing on a cell phone.

Bus Crashes Caused by Mechanical Failures

Failure of the bus company to properly maintain each bus can lead to mechanical failures. While it may be better for the company’s bottom line to avoid preventative maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on buses, this shortcut could result in an incident that damage’s both a person’s health and property. As a bus crash lawyer in Bridgeport, we hold the company responsible for maintaining their buses in optimum condition to avoid crashes and other incidents.

Bus Crashes Can Be  Worse Than Car Crashes

Bus Accident Attorney Bridgeport 2When a bus is involved in a crash the magnitude of the damage is often significantly increased. Passengers do not wear seat belts. There are no air bags for passengers. Passengers are often standing. Additionally, factors such as the size of the bus and the speeds at which they regularly travel. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are at least 300 fatal bus crashes each year.

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