Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bridgeport

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bridgeport 1Motorcycles can be incredibly exciting, and yet, because  riders are exposed to traffic, uneven roads and the elements at high speeds, they’re also far more dangerous than other modes of transportation.

Though Harley-Davidsons, Hondas, Suzukis and other popular brands make up just a small percentage of motorcycles on our state roads, when riders are involved in accidents, they’re far more likely to experience serious injuries or even die from their injuries. This fact is concerning given the fact that the majority of motorcycle enthusiasts drive sensibly, follow all traffic laws, and wear helmets and other protective gear.

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident while riding a motorcycle, or if your injuries were caused by someone operating a motorcycle, Bridgeport motorcycle accident lawyer Jim Miron would like to speak with you. Your initial consultation with this experienced personal injury attorney is free. To make an appointment, call (203) 339-5991 or contact Jim using the contact form on this page.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bridgeport 2Obviously, in a head-on crash with a car or truck, a motorcyclist is far more likely to be injured or killed.

However,  reports that the most dangerous situation for motorcyclists is when cars, trucks and other vehicles make left-hand turns. This maneuver makes up over 40% of accidents that involve cars and motorcycles.

In addition, rain, hail, snow and heavy winds all have a much stronger impact on motorcycles than on cars and trucks, since riders are more exposed to the elements and motorcycles offer less stability.

Bikers are especially vulnerable to rough, bumpy roads, including those in need of resurfacing and pitted with especially treacherous potholes.

While an SUV driver won’t notice the uneven road surface caused by expansion joints and open bridge joints, these joints that connect roads to bridges or other sections of roads pose serious risks for bikes and motorcycles.

Gravel, which can lead to a cracked windshield in a car or truck, can also lead to serious accidents for bikers.

Bridgeport Attorney Fights for Motorcyclists Injured by Others’ Negligence

Because motorcyclists have a bad reputation, which can negatively impact accident reports and insurance claims, legal representation can help even the playing field.

Bridgeport motorcycle accident lawyer Jim Miron can help you build a strong personal injury case and receive full compensation for your injuries and damages caused by the other driver.

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