Personal Injury Lawyer Shelton

Personal Injury Lawyer Shelton 1There are several reasons you might need to file a personal injury suit in order to recover damages. From car accidents to slip and falls, the Shelton court system is asked to deal with personal injury suits requiring far more research and investigation than you might think. As someone who is considering filing one of these suits, it would serve you best to consider using a personal injury lawyer in Shelton, Connecticut.

Short-Term Losses

Personal Injury Lawyer Shelton 1Short-term losses include anything you have to deal with right away such as money you have already paid out as well as injuries and damages you have dealt with or are currently experiencing. These are the immediate losses that you are already aware of that may only provide a glimpse into the losses you could face in the future. It’s important to seek immediate assistance to limit future damages and possibly recover from short-term damages.

Long-Term Losses

Long-term losses almost always extend to indirect losses. For example, you may be injured and unable to perform your job. At the moment, you might only miss a day of work here and there but long-term injuries such as back injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can ultimately cause a complete loss of the job and your ability to work. Though you may not be able to foresee these things, we can help you determine what your long-term losses are and see to it that they are appropriately addressed.

Risks of Accepting Immediate Compensation

At some point, an adjuster or lawyer may approach you with a seemingly urgent and time sensitive proposal in an effort to get you to accept it immediately, without the benefit of legal counsel. When it comes right down to it, the offer might cover some of the short- term damages and maybe even a bit more. However, it isn’t a good idea to accept any offer without consulting a personal injury lawyer in Shelton, Connecticut. A qualified personal injury attorney can help you determine exactly how much you need versus how much you are offered. Then, you can take action to recover what you are entitled to rather than the amount a company or individual who may not have your best interests in mind is offering.

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