Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Stratford

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Stratford 1Any type of accident involving motorized vehicles is going to cause damage and at the very least, minor injuries. However, accidents with motorcycles have their own unique issues both for the motorcyclist and the drivers of other vehicles. It is especially important whether you are the driver in the vehicle or the one on the motorcycle that you consult an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Stratford.

Motorcycle Risks

Since the motorcycle doesn’t have an exterior shell of any sort, cyclists may suffer more damage than they would in a car. In turn, the other driver who isn’t on a motorcycle may face unique property damage as well as their own medical issues and mental repercussions. Someone has to be held responsible for these damages, and it isn’t normally as simple as writing a check. In fact, more often than not, drivers will need to turn to insurance companies.

Connecticut Motorcycle License Requirements

Connecticut laws govern the details of who can and cannot operate a motorcycle, as well as when they can operate it. These laws also distinguish between motorcycles and mopeds. Although these vehicles both operate on two wheels, they have separate laws. For instance, a rider of a moped must have a driver’s license, but does not have to have a motorcycle endorsement on the license because there are limitations to where they can and cannot ride. Compliance of these laws is important especially if there a personal injury suit.

Stratford Driving Risks

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Stratford 1Stratford itself has been around for centuries. It boasts a patriotic society with historical significance around every corner. It also boasts busy roads like I-95, CT15 and Route 8. These busy roadways can be dangerous for motorcyclists and challenging for drivers who may have trouble seeing cyclists. The fast pace of the surrounding traffic can be distracting to anyone operating a vehicle. On top of that, there are times when road construction adds another element of danger to the act of driving. In cases like these, it can be difficult to determine if a driver was at fault or if the construction or other factors contributed to the accident. Your attorney can research and analyze the information to get to the heart of the matter so that the appropriate parties are held responsible.

Importance of Hiring an Experienced Accident Lawyer

When it comes to managing the cost of the damages or injuries that can occur as a result of a motorcycle accident, it’s important to have the experience of a qualified lawyer on your side. While there are plenty of attorneys who claim to help in personal injury suits, not all of them have the experience or the familiarity with the details of Stratford. You will need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Stratford who is knowledgeable of Connecticut motorcycle laws, traffic laws, and some of the pertinent details about Stratford itself.

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