Medical Records To Support Your Claim

When someone is injured due to the fault of another they will need medical records to support their claims. In fact, medical records are a special category of evidence that the courts have special rules for. Evidence of injuries can be presented to the jury for consideration, basically speaking, in one of two ways. The […]

Types of Evidence

In every legal case, regardless of the type of case, evidence is necessary. So this leads to the question: what is evidence? Basically, there are two types of evidence from which a judge or a jury (depending on the type of case) can properly find the truth as to the facts of the case. One […]

They Are Your Records! Access to Your Medical Records In Connecticut.

Have you ever seen your medical records? Surprisingly, many people have not and, not surprisingly, many people do not know that they have a right to see their own medical records. But it is easy to obtain a copy of your medical records. Of course, in a case where a client has been injured due […]