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Major Security Flaw Found in Netgear Routers

Posted by Jim Miron | Dec 16, 2016 | 0 Comments

Netgear Routers

Netgear Routers Have Major Security Flaw

Internet security, or lack of it, is a serious matter. If you have a Netgear wireless router you should know that Consumer Reports, an independent, nonprofit organization that works side by side with consumers to create a fairer, safer, and healthier world has reported that Netgear routers have a major security flaw and that Netgear is scrambling to fix a software bug in its wireless routers that could leave many home networks vulnerable to remote attacks.

According to Consumer Reports “The flaw, which was first noticed in August but wasn't widely discussed by security experts until this past weekend, includes many routers in Netgear's popular Nighthawk series.

The company started offering a patch for the bug on Tuesday, though only for some models. The company also warned that the fixes may not install properly on every router.

The list of affected models includes the R7000 recommended in Consumer Reports' ratings, as well as the R6250, R6400, R6700, R7100LG, R7300, R7900, and R8000.

Netgear has a full list of affected routers on its website.

If you own a Netgear router, you can find the model number on a label on the bottom of the device.

To exploit the software flaw, an attacker would have to email you a link containing the URL for your Netgear router's Web control panel; the URL includes a brief command. If you unknowingly click the link, you grant full access to your router's administrative controls.

That means an attacker could change the router settings, reroute your browser to sites under his or her control (to, say, steal your banking log-ons), turn on your webcams, and see all the unencrypted data you send and receive.”

To learn more how to know if your device is at risk, plus how to fix the problem check out the source of this article below.

Source: Major Security Flaw Found in Netgear Routers

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