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Can You Claim for Tooth Damage After a Crash or Fall?

Posted by Jim Miron | Aug 02, 2022 | 0 Comments

Losing or breaking a tooth can be a stressful – not to mention painful – experience. However, if your teeth are damaged due to someone else's carelessness, you're probably also wondering whether you can claim compensation. Luckily, it might be possible to make a personal injury claim for such damage – here's what you should know.

Common Tooth Injuries

Tooth injuries range in severity, but they include:

  • broken tooth
  • chipped tooth
  • cracked filling
  • tooth fracture
  • tooth loss

For example, if you slip on a wet floor, you might fall and chip a tooth. Or, if you're in a vehicle crash, the impact might damage one or more teeth.  

Proving a Tooth Damage Claim

We need to prove, among other things, that the defendant owed you a duty of care, they behaved negligently towards you, and you suffered tooth damage as a result. This means providing evidence such as:

  • dental x-rays
  • photographs
  • medical/dental records

Tooth damage may form part of a wider claim if you sustain other injuries, or it could be its own claim.

Valuing a Tooth Damage Claim

The value all depends on factors such as:

  • the extent of the damage;
  • whether the damage interferes with your ability to eat; 
  • the pain and suffering you experienced;
  • emotional distress caused by the injury; and
  • any permanent disfigurement, impairment, and/or sensory loss. 

We also need to consider how much the tooth will cost to fix. For example, implants usually start around $3,000, whereas fillings start around $90.

For an accurate valuation, you need an experienced attorney who can estimate what your claim is worth – contact me for a free case evaluation.  

How an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Connecticut Can Help

Tooth damage after a fall or crash can cause significant pain and emotional distress. As a personal injury attorney, I'm passionate about helping clients through the claims process and fighting to get them the compensation they deserve.

No matter the type of tooth damage you've sustained, I want to help. Please watch this video if you want to learn more about me and the services I provide, or contact me online or at (203) 339-5991 for a free case evaluation.

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