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Connecticut’s Most Dangerous Highways and Intersections

Posted by Jim Miron | Dec 15, 2021 | 0 Comments

Connecticut may be one of the nations' smaller states, but it does not lack for dangerous highways and intersections. Dangerous, in most cases, because drivers are not following the common sense and basic rules of the road. As such, these highways and intersections are the locations of many serious collisions, crashes, and wrecks that cause severe injuries and even death.

Where are the Most Dangerous Highways in Connecticut?

The University of Connecticut maintains the Connecticut Crash Data Repository (CTCDR), which contains continuously updated crash information across the state. According to the data within the CTCDR, the most dangerous highways in Connecticut include:

  • Interstate 95
  • Interstate 84
  • CT Route 15
  • S. Route 1
  • Interstate 91

Connecticut's roads are rated among the worst in the entire United States, ranked as the fourth worst by one study. The study found that 34% of Connecticut's roads are considered not acceptable, while just over 10% of the state bridges are considered in poor shape. In addition to careless drivers, these poor roads contribute to car collisions.

Where are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Connecticut?

According to Fox61, some of the worst intersections in Connecticut  in the past were:

  • The intersection of Union Street and Rt. 69 in Waterbury had 45 crashes.
  • The Market Street and the I-84 west ramp had 44 crashes.
  • The intersection of Ella T Grasso and Columbus Avenue had 39 crashes.
  • The intersection of Quinnipiac Avenue and Foxon Blvd. had 37 crashes.
  • The intersection coming off I-91 at Pulaski Circle in Hartford.

Crashes at these intersections are caused by a combination of congestion, bad roads, and drivers that are irresponsible and do not drive safely.

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