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Mediation Case Results

The primary purpose of the type of law that I dedicate myself to is to:

#1: provide relief to injured parties for harms caused by others by imposing liability (responsibility) on those responsible for the harm, and

#2: to deter others from committing the same types of harmful acts.

As such, every case has a financial recovery as one of the outcomes I seek for each client.

Some of my cases go through a voluntary process called Mediation. This is an alternative dispute resolution method where a neutral person is selected to help the parties find a solution to their dispute.  Mediation is less rigid than both litigation and arbitration so it allows for creative techniques to find mutually acceptable solutions that might not otherwise emerge. Mediation is also less costly and quicker than bringing a case to trial. Most importantly, the decision to resolve the case in mediation is voluntary, and both sides have to agree to it. Therefore, if the mediation is successful a settlement occurs. If no agreement is reached, the case continues toward trial where the case will either eventually settle or there will be a trial. 

Below is a sample of some of the financial recoveries that I have obtained through mediation. 

It goes without saying, but lawyers are ethically obligated to say it, "Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome"

$665,000.00 settlement reached during mediation for serious injuries my client suffered as a result of a car crash. Further details of this mediation settlement are confidential.

$275,000.00 settlement reached during mediation for injuries my client sustained in car crash.

$250,000.00 settlement reached during mediation for a car crash in heavy stop and go traffic. My client was an older person with a history of back issues, and they re-injured their back and eventually required surgery as a result of the collision. The at fault driver' insurance company challenged whether the car collision could have caused the injuries given the force of the collision as well as the client's previous history of back issues and prior back surgeries.

$250,000.00 settlement reached during mediation for injuries sustained when my client fractured their ankle after falling in a parking lot after a snowstorm.

$225,000.00 settlement reached during mediation for injuries my client, who was driving a work truck, suffered to his head, neck, and back when he was hit by another truck.

$70,000 settlement reached during mediation for injuries my client sustained in a sideswipe car collision.

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