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Posted by Jim Miron | Feb 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

During a Connecticut Winter, whether you are driving or walking outside in freezing conditions, you face the increased risk of losing control and being injured due to black ice. Therefore, it is important to know what

black ice is and when it's most likely to appear.

What is Black Ice?

Black ice is a thin coating of ice that forms when snow falls and temperatures drop below freezing, resulting in ice that is only millimeters thick. The cold leaves behind smooth pavement, which looks normal but is very slippery. The sun has trouble heating the road because it hits the thin layer of ice instead of the road surface. Black ice is usually nearly impossible to see, and once on it, you lose traction which can cause loss of control of a vehicle or a fall if you are walking. Injuries caused by black ice can be serious.

If you have been injured in a vehicle collision, crash, wreck or in a fall caused by black ice, attorney Jim Miron can help determine if your injuries and other harms and losses are the responsibility of someone else. If they are Jim will help you get the maximum compensation. 

How to Avoid Injuries from Black Ice

While black ice can be dangerous, there are steps you can take to avoid a wreck when driving. Make sure to drive slower than normal to give yourself time to react to any road hazards. When recommended, use chains or snow tires and take extra precautions when driving over exposed bridges and overpasses as they tend to develop ice quicker than the surrounding roads. If you notice a patch of pavement that appears shiny, or if you are driving in an area known to develop black ice, slow down immediately. 

If you find yourself losing control of your vehicle on black ice, avoid your instincts to brake or steer. Braking locks your tires and can cause your car to slide on the ice; steering can actually cause your car to spin into a sideways or even backward position. Usually, the best course of action is to remove your foot from the accelerator, grip the steering wheel firmly, and wait for your tires to gain purchase—then you can gently brake or steer until you are in control again.

When walking in freezing winter weather it is always advisable to wear proper footwear and be extra careful when walking. You can check out this article on the 9 Best Shoes for Walking on Ice, according to Podiatrists.

Get Professional Assistance

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